• The Brand

    Fine&Candy is a luxury stationary brand founded in Porto. All the pieces presented by the brand are unique and totally elaborated by hand, through an original design and using traditional and manual techniques. Fine&Candy features two annual collections, as well as limited editions and unique pieces. Special attention is given to the quality of the materials, the design, finishes and the color selection, which gives each piece a unique personality Fine&Candy.

  • Product Details

    Set of 12 graphite pencils | Pencil size: 17,5x0,7cm | Fine & Candy Brace | Material: Wood and Graphite | Color: Dark Green |Golden finish

    Fine&Candy graphite pencil are constituted by a diverse range of colors and are part of a set of unique products of our brand. Made with fine woods our pencils have high durability since they are produced in the oldest pencil factory in the Iberian Peninsula. With great refinement and elegance our pencils are sold in sets of 12 pencils.